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Something Just for You

December 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Sorry, much has been going on with life! I’ll share in due time.

For now, here’s a special Christmas treat for you, our fantastic followers.



Christmas tree 2How do we top the video we shared with you yesterday and continue our week of FREE?

Well check this one in the spirit of Christmas and enjoy with friends and family.

Merry day after Christmas!


Christmas Day 2013

December 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

Christmas presents2Christmas Day 2014

Thanks for reading this blog today – it’s Christmas Day, the day we set aside to celebrate the greatest gift given to all of mankind – the very Son of the Living God!

As you rush around today, take a moment to thank God once again for his Christmas gift to us all, through whom we may have eternal life!

Here’s a little culture for your day – on the Great Wall in China no less! Watch these guys rock it out. It’s our Christmas gift to you. Turn your speakers up and go full-screen for the full experience!

Thanks for reading, for following and for sharing our blog with your friends and family! Stay tuned for even better things in the days and weeks to come.

Star Trek2For all of my Trek friends out there, I discovered this great video on YouTube.

So, in the spirit of giving along with the spirit of the season: Let It Snow.

Turn your speakers up and enjoy! Then share it with your friends and come back often.

Merry Christmas!

Yellow SubIt’s the week leading to Christmas and I’m in a festive mood.

So you, our loyal reader and subscriber, benefit.

Here’s something FREE for you and for you to share with others. It’s an interesting book from the good folk at iTunes and it features one of my all-time favorite bands – the Beatles!

Enjoy and tell others where you found it.

FreeStuffSo, with today being the week before Christmas, we decided to give lots of free stuff away! Simply click HERE to find pages of FREE stuff for Christmas. From free Christmas cards to Free mp3 files to recipes and more. Enjoy this virtual cornucopia of absolutely FREE stuff!

Unfortunately, some of the offers have expired and will say so, but there remains plenty of free things to snag before the Christmas season is through.

Share this with friends, family and others and thanks again for being one of nearly 600 followers/readers! We hope to keep improving this blog so we can serve you – our reader/follower even better. Let us know what you want and we’ll try to provide it.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas presents4Starting the Week with a FREE!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year when I can give you all FREE stuff! I discovered this amazing young lady the other day, and this has got to be one of her greatest videos.

Please take time out of your day to start this week on the right foot. Be overjoyed and enjoy the simple message of the song.

Thanks so much for reading and following our humble blog! You’ve helped to make 2013 one of our best years ever. Share the video with friends and family. Go on it can be your gift to them, don’t even tell them where you found it.

I am so looking forward to what’s in store for us in 2014! I’m sure there will be many transitions, but know that they don’t catch God by surprise.