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Buck RogersI have to admit, I’m a closet tech geek. It began when I was a child. My parents gave me a Chemistry set (do they still make those?) for one Christmas and I was hooked!

A friend and I got together and formed a chemistry club (it was just Gary & myself) and performed all manner of experiments by taking individual chemicals and combining them in various amounts to observe the reaction – if there was any – most often creating some nasty, smelly substance that drove us out of Gary’s basement and to his uncle’s Garbage trucks which sat next door.

The tech obsession continued as the space race sped toward putting the first person on the moon. I had model rockets and even had records of recorded transmissions between Mission Control and astronaut Alan Sheppard.

It continued into high school when I was able to get my grubby hands on an early computer, a portion of which was as big as a room!

So I admit, I’m a tech geek or nerd – whichever you want to call me. I actually had friends ask which Apple Watch I was planning to get and if I already had my order in. I have NOT pre-ordered – I’m still deciding which one I want.

Nothing profound today, just sharing a bit more about myself with you. Although when tech hiccups and loses my files or something like that you just might hear a rant from me. Not that it ever happens!!!

Just last week we lost a bundle of files from cloud storage. Where they went, we don’t know. My best guess is that they were vaporized a la Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon.

So how’s your tech doing?



Tech Thursday

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technoCheck out this article from the peeps at

The best tech under $100

How many do you currently own?

iMacHappy 30th, Mac!

Check this out, think of what you could do, and share your ideas.

redThumbReminderWe’ve talked about this before on this very blog, but a new video surfaced to discuss the same problem. So watch it already. Then you decide what to do next.

The answer to saving lives is now up to you.

thermostatYears ago I remember reading in a magazine like Popular Science or something that in the future people would be able to lock or unlock their homes by remote! Can you imagine? Or they predicted, some would even be able to control their thermostat, lamps and more.

Just the other day, we were headed to our place in the mountains for the weekend, so I logged in to our Total Connect site and tapped the thermostat up a few degrees (I actually did that several times throughout the day) so that while it was freezing outside, it was warm and toasty inside. Then it dawned on me – that day I read about in the magazine many years ago is now a reality!

Thanks to Matt & Sharon at Securitel for their installation, advice, and for hanging in there with us as we transitioned into the 21st century last year.

What’s next?

More Techno Stuff

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toddham_iwatch_allLast week we introduced you to a small computer and the company behind the Tango PC.  Today we wanted to share something from what we call the “soon to be seen” department.

Take a look at this: iWatch conceptual piece. The best way we can describe it is a cross between an iPod Shuffle, an iPhone, and a sports band.

We think these will fly off the shelves as soon as they are available.

Your thoughts?

NewTango+Dock-Picture-300x120As some of you may know, I’ve been a technology geek of sorts for quite some time. I guess it began with my time serving in the Navy working on refrigerator-sized computers. And continued as I watched technology get smaller, faster and more robust.

Heck, I even gave a computer for a Christmas gift this past December!

So, when something new comes out, I need to check into it. Enter Tango PC.

Click through to watch their video and learn more about this exciting new technology. We’ll share another new device next week.