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Your Worst Fear

September 16, 2015 — Leave a comment


fear factorSome people say their very worst fear is speaking in public to a large crowd. Others say they are deathly afraid of getting shots in the arm. Still others say that what ties them into knots is asking that special someone out for a first date. A few years ago a TV show helped contestants face their worst fears on Fear Factor.

So what’s your biggest or worst fear? When it comes to your business or the organization you volunteer with – what’s holding you back from becoming all that you want it to be?

Someone once asked this question: “If you could do anything at all without regard to cost or liability, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would succeed, what would you do?”

Let’s turn that on it’s head for a moment and ask it this way; “If you could do anything at all, etc. etc., what would you attempt?”

Do you realize that quite often the fear of your worst fears is all that’s keeping you from moving forward? “I’d lose the weight, cause I know it’s good for my health, but . . .” “I’d give up ____________ (fill in the blank with that habit that’s constantly bringing you down), if only . . .” “I’d begin this new organization that will change the world, but . . .”

Why not look your fears straight in their face, eye-to-eye, and declare that they will not prevail over you nor your life anymore? Today’s the day you can conquer your worst fear and begin to move forward to that bright future you’ve so far only dreamed of.

What’s your next step?


Your Worst Fear

July 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

ratWhat is it for you?

Is it truly speaking in public? Or is it heights? How about swimming with sharks?

I’ve talked with folks recently who actually did something that helped them overcome a particular fear they held dear.

Some worked on their fear of heights, other their fear of launching something new, still others their fear of raw fish, and for still others they’ve been working on their fear of failure.

When I was a young teen, my bedroom was directly over a particular part of the basement. I could swear giants rats lived down there – I could hear them clawing their way up the walls, inside the walls, attempting to get to my room where they would gnaw their way through the sheetrock walls and would – any minute now – be on my bed beginning their nightly snack of my flesh.

Yeah, I remember it well. Did it ever happen? Not at all. Was the fear real?

So what fear are you feeding that just needs to be starved to death?


So, for the past several days we’ve been discussing how to deal with your fears – especially the fears of getting your new idea, concept, thing out to help other people. We’ve dealt with seven different fears you might encounter along the way. Some may be a “good” form of fear while others can paralyze you into non-action. So why all this talk of fear?

Well, I guess it was my nod to the Halloween season. But I guess it stems from the fact that throughout my life I’ve had to learn how to deal with various forms of fear. From being the small, chubby guy trying to play basketball – to being the tall slender guy trying to be in a rock-n-roll band – to becoming a husband & father & now grandfather; I’ve had my share of fears along the way.

But some time ago I read these words: “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear,because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18 NIV) Does that mean I never deal with fear anymore? Not in the least. There are still times when my teeth chatter and my knees knock. And the old “what if” questions return.

“What if they don’t like it?”

“What if they don’t buy it?”

“What if we don’t succeed?” “What if we do?”

I hope these past few blogs have helped you work through seven common fears we all face from time to time. One of the best examples of working through your fears took place a few weeks ago right here in Roswell, NM. On that historic Sunday morning, Felix Baumgartner slid is body to the edge of his tiny capsule, then moved to where his feet were dangling out in space and with a simple motion left the confines of his capsule and raced back toward Earth and the record books. Talk about moving through your fears!

“Perfect love drives out fear.” Let us know how you work through your fears.

Fear #7: I hate the idea of marketing myself

Some people are natural marketers: confident, charismatic, and with an instinctive grasp of what benefits will entice their audience.

Others — probably most of us! — find marketing uncomfortable at first.

Especially when marketing our own idea, concept, design, program, play, song, whatever. It was hard enough to come up with the idea. It was harder still to put it down on paper or into your computer. Those were like jumping hurdles for you.

And now we’re asking to you to jump over one more – the dreaded marketing hurdle. Dave Ramsey once asked the audience I happened to be taking part  in, “If you were running a company named You, Inc. how would you market that company?” Well actually you are running that company and how you market you to the rest of the world is important.

Now we’re not asking you to do cheesy marketing, or slimy marketing. In the end you ARE marketing you, after all. So don’t think of it in those terms. What would happen if you focused on being a better servant-leader to your audience?  Isn’t that a form of marketing yourself to them?

So don’t fear tooting your own horn every once in a while – just don’t become a pain about it.

Tip: Focus on your audience in your marketing. Instead of trying to write about how great your book, idea, song, play, art is, tell how it can help them.

Fear #6: I don’t know enough people

Have you ever heard of the concept of six degrees of separation? Basically it states that anyone of us is only 6 steps away from any other person in the world. That’s a lot of people you can have contact with in a relative short amount of time.

According to some world population estimates, we’re now past the 7 billion mark of people now alive on this planet. If the 6 degrees statement is accurate, you’re a lot closer to way more people than you thought!

Now if you have a great idea that you’re pursuing, and you’re beginning to develop it into a viable whatever it is for those 7 billion people, then you only have to connect with a handful who love you and support what you’re doing – and your idea could go viral faster than ever!

So don’t be afraid that you don’t have enough people to sell your idea to. Ther are 7 billion wating to hear what you have to say!

Tip: Use a free chapter from your book or a free test of your software as a sign-up incentive to build your email list. This not only gives them a reason to join your list, it also helps nudge them towards buying.

Fear #5: I don’t understand how to use technology

I just heard Jason Dorsey, on an earlier Success magazine CD, talk about his generation and how to reach them. He said something that I was unaware of. Many people refer to his generation as “tech saavy” when indeed they are not. They are instead, tech dependent.

So you may not be familiar with the latest and greatest tech tools to assist in getting your job done. But that shouldn’t keep you from pursuing your dream – no matter what that dream might entail.

Do NOT be afraid to ask for help with your tech issues – whatever they may be. When I was the CEO of a graphic & web design firm (back in the early days of the web) I was not schooled in the design tools of the day. But I knew people who were. They either helped me learn, or I hired them to do what they did best and together we got the job done.

Why? Because we had clients that needed stuff done. I would meet with them and get their ideas and dreams for their business. Then would meet with our design team and share what I gleaned from the meeting with the client. And off we would go – me sharing the concepts of the clients  plus the info I gleaned while visiting the client’s office, building site, etc. and our team taking my words and developing them into designs.

So don’t be afraid of the technology that will help you fulfill your dreams. If you don’t know how to use what, ask someone. It’s really not that hard. And you just might learn something new – about tech or yourself.

Tip: There are plenty of individuals that can take your manuscript, idea, invention, dream, business concept and format it for you. Shop around and ask for recommendations.

Fear #4: It won’t be good enough

Perhaps you’re worried you don’t know enough. Perhaps you think your writing isn’t up to scratch. This fear is one that pretty much every first-time writer suffers. (And plenty of umpteenth-time writers still find it hard to beat.)

Remember, your blog post, article, book, ebook doesn’t have to be the last word on your subject. When my first book came out, several people wanted a longer/different version. And I thought no one would be interested.

In fact, it’s much better (for you and your audience) to write an something that tackles one single topic — not one that aims to be the only writing they’ll ever need.

Also, you don’t have to go it alone. Ask for help. I know that’s harder for some to do than others, but bite the bullet and ask. All they can do is say, “No” or “Not at this time.” My father had a great saying about finding others intimidating. He would say, “John, they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do.” In other words, don’t be intimidated when asking what might seem to you to be the BIG ASK.

Maybe there are a couple of chapters in your plan that fall outside of your personal experience. You can research those, interview an expert, or even ask someone else to contribute text for them.

Tip: Ask fellow writers, or some members of your audience, to act as “beta-readers.” Get them to comment on your draft, and use their comments and suggestions to improve it.