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Ready to go

Back to part 4 in this series about our previous dog, Mick. He was a Beagle/Foxhound mix, kind of a Beagle with a longer snout and taller legs. One of the things I liked best about Mick was that he was nearly always ready to go!

If I picked up my keys, he ran to the door thinking he was going with me. It didn’t matter if I was headed to the bank, to the store, wherever – he wanted to go! So he grew to enjoy riding in my little white pick-up truck with his head hanging out of the passenger-side window.

Don’t you wish we were more that way? Do you remember how exciting it was to go with your dad or mom to the grocery store or to run errands? Somewhere along the way we can lose that excitement to just hang out with those we love.dog_car window

My father used to take me along with him for his every-other-week haircut at the local barber shop. It was located on the second floor of this unique building near the center of our town. On the same floor, but at the opposite end, was a shop that sold nuts and candy. They actually roasted peanuts right there in the store!

Ah, the smell of roasting peanuts mingled with the fragrance of that cheap after shave the barbers used on the men after their haircut, because they shaved around their ears. I can almost smell that peculiar mixing of fragrances now.

I would be so excited that he, my dad, wanted me to go with him – more likely my mom just wanted me out of the house. Mick’s reaction to “being chosen” to go for a ride often reminded me of those simpler days of riding with my dad.

How can we regain that excitement for the simple things in life again?

dog territoryMarking His Territory

This is the second post about a dog we had for years, Mick.

When we would go for walks or runs, he had to mark his territory – EVERYWHERE! He would continue even after he was out of “marking material”! It didn’t bother him, he continued to expand his territory by marking trees, grass, stones, gravel, other dog’s markings and more.

As I observed this behavior over the years I reflected, “How like us humans that is!” We want more – doesn’t really matter what it is, we want more of it. Doesn’t matter if we can’t afford it, we still want more. It really doesn’t even matter if we’ll never use it – we want MORE!

Our kids often performed in the Christmas musical at our church. One year they sang a song that went something like this: “I want a bicycle. I want a truck. I want a new pair of shoes. etc. etc.” The last line of that song they sang was, “I want everything I see.”

Here’s the difference between us and Mick, and all the other dogs of the world – while marking and expanding their territory is routine for them, we can choose to stop the bleeding. We can make a conscious choice to live within our means, or even below our means, so that we can actually save a few dollars. Dave Ramsey says it this way, “Live like no one else today so that later you can live like no one else.”

Have you made the choice to live within your means? Or are you more like Mick, expanding your territory when you’re fresh out of “marking juice”? Choose today so you’ll have a better tomorrow.

You’ll be glad you did.