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Mark Your Calendar!

February 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

And save these dates:

August 14-15, 2014

More to come!

leadershipquote“Friendly and funny are a thousand times more engaging than professional.”

Jeffrey Gitomer

young Chuck Smith old chuck smithWell, heaven is richer and we will all miss one of the truly great innovators of our time within the church sphere. Chuck Smith, founder of the Calvary Chapel movement which began in CA, went to be with his maker yesterday. You can read more about it HERE. Let me share just a few insights that I will always remember about Pastor Chuck and the great people of Calvary Chapels I’ve come to know as true friends.

Pastor Chuck began reaching out to the surfers on the beaches of CA when reaching out to them was uncool. His Calvary Chapel movement became known as a safe place for those curious about or just exploring their faith. He was way ahead of his time in this regard.

Because of their focus on reaching out to the un-churched, something many churches have now adopted, many Calvary Chapels adopted a more contemporary worship style – one more piece that was way ahead of their time. And while the worship style might have been a bit more contemporary, their treatment of Scripture was not. No flippant use of a proof text to support the speaker’s message – the pastors I know are very diligent about remaining true to what Scripture actually teaches.

I have good friends who are Calvary Chapel pastors and I’ve been privileged to serve in communities with them as co-laborers in Christ.

Pastor Chuck will be missed by many. May we continue to share the legacy he leaves behind with the generations that follow.

An Annual Event

August 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to learn at the feet of Bob Buford and Jim Collins along with a room of around 50 other leaders. We returned home full of ideas, full of new knowledge, and just a piece of the wisdom required to see things happen.

And now, just last week we attended the Global Leadership Summit. What an amazing two days to again learn at the feet of giants! Check out the website to see the caliber of leaders who shared their hearts with us during that time.

Then mark your calendars now and plan to be at the event in 2014. The dates are August 14-15. I cannot guarantee who the speakers will be, but this year’s group was just fantastic. I had several people tell me that they knew others who needed to be at the event and that they would get them to the 2014 Summit.

I think I’ll begin to intertwine the take-aways from our days with Bob & Jim along with the leadership nuggeLeadership signts gained from this year’s Summit from time to time.

We all do better when leaders get better.

An End to Summer

August 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

back to schoolToday, in our part of the world as well as in others, kids from Seniors in High School to pre-schoolers experienced their first day back to school. This officially marks the end of summer and signifies the beginning of another school year.

For some, this was the very first day of going to school on their own. Parents everywhere will never be the same after today. It marks the beginning of a fast and furious 12-13 years.

For others, this is the beginning of their last year in High School and in a few short months they will be walking across the stage to collect that all-important piece of paper. For those parents, life will never be the same. Those 12-13 years that they’ve gone to sports activities, band concerts, after-school meetings and more will begin to wind down with the passing of this school year.

We’ll get back to leadership stuff tomorrow, but for today let’s celebrate the youth of our day. We just don’t know all the potential that is wrapped up in all who started school today or will start this next week or for the next weeks to follow. May we spur them on to good works and to accomplish all they set out to do!

So today, here’s to you – students, teachers, administrators, and parents alike – wherever you may be as you step across another milestone and begin this new year of school. Hats off to you.


Fortunately for me, I was able to be in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado for my “working” vacation over the past couple days.  It was a pleasure to be in such a wonderful city visiting with some good people, Bob Buford and Jim Colllins.

Not to fret, I’ll be back with my blogs next week.  Please don’t miss me too much!  In the meantime, please enjoy my view.

ButterflyThe “butterfly effect” is a term from a pioneer of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz; his 1972 presentation – “Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?” – describes the idea that a tiny event can start a chain reaction and have large and wide-reaching effects. It is why those seven-day forecasts for the weather are only right a small percentage of the time.

Let’s take the same idea and apply it to your next idea, concept, or new business venture. What if that same “butterfly effect” takes place with your new venture?

For instance, what if that seemingly small idea of yours, put into motion, could have a wide-spread and wide-felt impact? I’m betting it can and it will!

I’ve seen it happen many times before. A couple of computer guys think of a better and more economical way of putting computers together in one of their garages and then next thing you know personal computers are so common that everyone now just refers to them as PC’s.

Another couple of guys begin experimenting with wild and wacky flavors of ice cream and soon they’re pints are available in almost every grocery store throughout the land. An entrepreneurial lady has the idea of helping women across the country earn income while remaining stay-at-home-moms by selling upscale cosmetics and offers pink Cadillacs as rewards and a new industry giant results.

So what idea of yours is just chomping at the bit to reveal itself to the rest of the world or your state or your town? Who knows, it could be the next best thing! All you have to do is try.

By the way, it will cost you everything you have to bring out into the open. Just saying. But the world will be a better place for it.