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Life changer logoHave you ever had someone begin a conversation with you in that fashion? We think to ourselves, “I know where this is headed. It’s some kind of sales pitch.” Oh, not the kind they show on late night TV with the guy yelling at you about the latest and greatest this or that you absolutely have to have, but we think “sales pitch” nonetheless.

Well, I’d like to take the time to introduce you to something we’ve been working on for some time now. Recently we’ve launched a new website, Facebook page and Twitter account all for a new non-profit that’s growing.

Over the past several years I’ve been reading posts by the likes of Michael Hyatt and Seth Godin. And let me just say that they’ve influenced some of my thinking. I blog about them from time to time, and I think they’re the most popular items of my posts.

Well, in the spirit of what they are doing, we’ve created Life Changer Studies. We are developing DVD-based Bible studies for Small Groups and individuals alike. We include a set of Small Group questions at the end of each lesson and provide in-depth study questions and answers as pdfs on each DVD.

And you ask, “John, how’s that any different?” Ok, I’ll tell you. We create these DVD under a Creative Commons copyright that gives the purchaser permission to copy the DVDs for use with their people as long as they don’t sell them! Who ever heard of that?

And, we’ve uploaded all of the Small Group questions and in-depth questions and answers for download on the website, Our first study, Sermon on the Mount, is out, the second, Party Frosting, is currently in production.

The first study is also being translated into Spanish, and the 4th study, Living Your Dash, is filming this month in HD! So go check out the website and read our history, our vision, etc. You can sign up for our newsletter to stay informed as to what’s going on with this crazy team of people who just believe that something like this can be done!

Oh, and by the way, at least 10% of every study sold will be donated to a clean water project in Africa through our friends at Compassion!

Tell us what you think. IS this a crazy idea or what?

Life PlanYesterday I shared a link to a book by Seth Godin, probably the most quoted author on my blog. Today I’d like to share another FREE eBook from Michael Hyatt, probably the 2nd most quoted author on my blog.

Today’s gift for you is Michael’s eBook Creating Your Personal Life Plan. I’ve personally downloaded my copy, have read through it and am putting the principles contained within to work in my own life. It’s another great resource to download for yourself, share the link with your friends and family, and review from time to time to ensure you’re still on track with your life plan!

Resources like this usually cost people multiple $$. But for you, my loyal readers, it’s totally 100% FREE! Another gift to you for hanging in there with us over these past 12 months.

Click the link above to get your FREE copy of Michael’s eBook.

Thanks for reading. Let me know how we can help you – what would you like us to write about in the coming days, weeks & months??

Comment below or send an email.

4 Ways Supervisors Frustrate Their Employees

When I first became President of Thomas Nelson, I began hosting an event called “Pizza with the Prez.” Once a month I invited a different workgroup to have lunch with me—without their supervisor being present.

This event provided an opportunity for me to get unfiltered feedback. It was one of my favorite activities. It also proved to be one of the most productive.

It confirmed what I thought was true: The further you move up the chain-of-command, the less likely it is you will get the truth. Information is often filtered, spun, and managed. People either tell you what they want you to know—or think you want to hear.

Some time ago, I read The Last Czar, a biography about the life of Czar Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia. While his generals were brutally suppressing dissent, they told him civil unrest was the result of foreign influence and assured him his own people loved him.

The Czar didn’t have any other source of information. When the Communists took over, he was caught by surprise and forced to abdicate. Sadly, the Bolsheviks eventually executed him and his entire family. It is one of the saddest stories I have ever read.

Though extreme, his story demonstrates the difficulty of getting good information at the top. If you are a leader in any capacity, you must develop a pipeline for unfiltered feedback. “Pizza with the Prez” was one of the ways I did this.

Typically, I had ten to twelve people join me for lunch in the boardroom. After a few “icebreaker questions,” I always asked them:

  • What do you like about Thomas Nelson and want to see us continue?
  • What do you not like about Thomas Nelson and want to see us stop doing?

Although I only scheduled an hour of time together, it was always a challenge to finish on schedule. I was always amazed at how open people were and how many good ideas they had.

I have also noticed a recurring theme: most people’s frustration at work is inflicted by their supervisors.

Don’t misunderstand me. These workers loved their colleagues. They loved the company. But they continued to be frustrated by leaders who unwittingly hindered their productivity.

Here are the four most common complaints I heard. See if they ring true in your experience.

  1. Supervisors call too many meetings. Many of them are a waste of time. The issues could easily be handled by e-mail. Even those that should be called last twice as long as is necessary. This is because they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish or a specific agenda to get them there.
  2. Supervisors are often late to their own meetings. Since they called the meeting, the other attendees can’t start without them. As a result, they waste a lot of time waiting for the leader to show up. This makes them feel disrespected.
  3. Supervisors don’t really understand the work process. They don’t appreciate the amount of time it takes to complete certain tasks. Consequently, they sit on—or slow-walk—approvals and bog down the whole process. By the time the worker gets a response, they are in crisis mode. If a deadline is missed, they get blamed. This creates a lot of unnecessary stress on everyone.
  4. Supervisors are not responsive. They don’t answer their e-mails. They don’t return their voice mail messages. Workers often feel like they are sending e-mails into a black hole. By the time the manager does respond, the issue is resolved or it has escalated to a new level of urgency. Why can’t they just respond more quickly?

More than likely, you are not guilty of these behaviors. But, if you are, I hope you’ll take a moment and try to see how frustrating this can be to your teammates. You may not be able to change your boss, but you can change yourself and provide a better environment for the people you are leading.

Guest blog from Michael Hyatt after the Catalyst Conference:

The theme for this year’s conference series is “Be Present.”

This is a particularly powerful reminder for me. I seem to be always living in the future. I’m either planning my next big project or worried about how it’s will turn out.

But this them reminds me that all I really have is now. The past is gone. The future is not guaranteed. This moment is a gift.

Maybe that’s why it’s called “the present.”

Every now and then we get a reminder about how fragile life is. We just can’t take it for granted. Each moment is precious.

For example, several years ago I was attending the early service at our church. My family was coming later in a separate car and had not yet arrived.

About twenty minutes into the service, one of my friends walked up behind me and whispered in my ear, “Michael, your family has been in a car accident. You need to leave now!

This is about the worst possible news I could imagine receiving. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any details. The wreck had occurred about two miles from our church.

I raced to the scene of the accident. But the traffic was backed up. I suspected it was because of the wreck. I parked my car on the side of the road and started running.

My heart was pounding. My mind was racing. I imagined the worst.

After running about a hundred yards, I saw a fire truck, police cars, and my family’s Suburban laying upside down against a telephone pole. It was completely crushed. All the windows were blown out and the roof had collapsed into the body.

Initially, I was confused, because I didn’t see my family. Then I heard my youngest daughter, Marissa, scream, “Daddy, Daddy.” I looked to my right, and she was running down the hill toward me—arms outstretched and crying.

Just beyond her, the other five members of my family were seated on the grass. They too were crying.

I scooped up my daughter and kept running toward my family. I couldn’t believe it. There wasn’t a scratch on any of them. They were shook up, to be sure, but no one was hurt.

As I later learned, my oldest daughter, Megan, had been driving. It was a country road. She veered off the pavement for a second, over-corrected, and then flipped the car. It had smashed into a telephone pole.

The sheriff told me that when he arrived on the scene, he called the life flight unit. He was just sure that the people in the car were either critically injured or dead. He kept describing what had happened as “a miracle.”

Indeed it was. I still tear up thinking about it.

That experience made me realize (once again) just how precious my family and friends are. I want to treasure every moment—and be present to them now.

The future will take care of itself. I want to learn to be present now.

I’ve been following Ken Davis and the excellent work he is doing to help everyday folk like you and me become better communicators. NOT just public speakers, but anyone who does any form of communication can get better. Here’s a recent post from Ken:

Being a communicator isn’t easy. And getting the message “out there” to those who need it is half the problem. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new resource by our friend and partner, Michael Hyatt.

Today is the official launch day for his amazing new book for anyone with something to say or sell. It’s called Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. This holds huge possibilities for communicators of every kind. After all, we have something to say!

“I have watched Michael Hyatt build his own platform from the ground up to become one of the largest in the world. And he has done so with the strategies and tips he outlines in this very practical book. Any author, speaker, or business owner who wants a blueprint for getting the attention and visibility they want, needs to read this book.” —JOHN C. MAXWELL

To be successful in the market today, you must possess two strategic assets: a compelling product (a message) and a meaningful platform. It has never been easier, less expensive, or more possible than right now to build your platform and Michael Hyatt will show you how.

Platform offers a step-by-step guide with proven strategies, practical tips and easy-to-replicate formulas. Whether you are an author, pastor, public speaker, entrepreneur, musician, or small business owner… developing your platform is critical for your success.

BONUS OFFER: To celebrate the launch of the book this week, Michael is giving away $375.98 worth of free bonus content for those who purchase the book between May 21 and May 25. Complete details are available at

Bonuses include: Platform Video Jumpstart Program (six sessions), How to Write a Winning Book Proposal (two e-books and two audio sessions), Why NOW is the Best Time Ever to Be an Author (hour-long video), Digital Versions of Platform (audio and eBook), and more!

Do yourself and your future a favor, get this book today. Take advantage of Michael’s bonus content and start building or expanding your platform right away!