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investingFirst, here’s the answer to yesterday’s trivia question. The answer is C, the roots of the yucca plant have been used for centuries as a type of soap. Congratulations to yesterday’s winner:

We’ve talked about this before on this blog, but it bears repeating at least once again. The only get-rich-quick plan I know of that really works is an inheritance. And that means for the newly rich to become rich someone else must have died. That’s no fun!

But if you invest a bit over time and do not withdraw it early, it will eventually add up to a nice sum. Do that in a good increment over a span of time and it could very well become your get-rich-quick plan. At first it won’t seem very fast, but when you’re out of debt entirely and you have your investments working for you it will seem as though you’re one of the richest people on the planet.

I’ve found it’s the same with recovery from a major surgery. You can’t come back too fast or you risk undoing the reason you had the surgery in the first place. But incremental steps done continually over time will bring back the use of whatever you had surgery on.

For those of us who are more impatient, it might seem like an eternity before you can use that arm or leg again and you might be tempted to hurry things along. Or you might think that your money and investments are doing so well, so you make an early withdrawal. Who’s going to know?

You will when you go to reach for that nest egg and it’s become just the nest!

So, easy for me to say, slow it down a bit. Put that extra dollar away rather than spend it. Do the exercises, push back from the table a little early and if you do that enough times over time you’ll be surprised at the result.

What is it you’re working on right now? What can you do today to ensure you continue?




Someone one said, “Not everything that catches your eye is worth investing in.”

I wish I had heard that sooner.

How many “bad” investments have you made over your lifetime? Or do you try to put a positive spin on them by calling them “teachable moments”?

Just because they are eye-catching does not make them worth your investment of time, talents, or treasures. They may simply be flashy, eye-catching fluff.

Here’s the really difficult part – knowing the difference. Sometimes that’s hard to recognize. But if you practice patience and employ your “how to read between the lines” skills, you will make more positive investments than negative ones.

And what’s the great thing about positive investments? The dividends!

Make some positive investments today.

You’ll be glad you did.

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