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A Small Group of Friends

September 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

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What would you call a gathering of a small group of friends to eat together, play music together, and just hang out with one another? What if you occasionally added another friend or two to the mix? And what if every so often you invited a chef from one of your favorite restaurants to teach you and your friends how to cook specialty items? Any ideas?

Well, for the past few years Darrel Hall, of Hall & Oates fame, has been doing just that with a show on the web he calls Live From Darryl’s House. My first recollection of John was watching him singing backup and playing rhythm/acoustic guitar on our High School stage during a “Battle of the Bands.” He was a few years ahead of me in school. During those days I was involved with several local High School garage bands. We even brought Iron Butterfly to the High School marching band drum line!

I played a block party for a local elementary school with a few friends under the name, Botany Bay Colony, the first in the line of 4-piece bands. It was amazing we got the gig at all! I sang lead and played bass lines on a borrowed semi-hollow body guitar. So they were the exact same notes as the lead guitar played, just the bottom 4 strings. The microphone I used was acquired using S&H Green Stamps!

I appreciate Darryl bringing the concept to the web. Years ago families would entertain and while away the hours by gathering around the piano or sitting on the front porch, guitar in hand, to sing the popular songs of the day. Darryl continues that fine tradition by welcoming friends, family and an occasional guest into his home – along with the viewing audience and the production crew – to share some food and some good music. The show has even spanned the gap from the web to cable TV! Way to go team.

It’s truly amazing to me what a small group of friends can accomplish when they come together for a reason and have a purpose behind them. There are several successful organizations out there, based on just that idea, who are having a huge impact on their portion of the world.

Why don’t you join them – or start your own?

What’s holding you back?