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small groupPart 7 in the series.

Continuing our look at Small Groups of Grace, we used to immediately connect each of their newest leaders with a coach who could help them through the beginning stages. We no longer have coaches in place.

We received push back from both our coaches and our small group leaders when we had the coaches in place. Coaches would often relate to me, “Who am I to try to offer advice to someone who has been leading a group for ____ number of years?” What they failed to understand is the fact that even pro golfers need a coach to help them fine tune their game.

Leaders would often say, “Who do they think they are, trying to tell me how to lead a small group?” And what they failed to grasp was that fact that we can all improve, if even in one area of our leadership.

So, currently we do not have coaches for our groups. We might try again in the future and come at it from a different angle, but for now our groups are functioning without coaches in place.

Do you use the coaching model? How did you implement that?

Or if you are not using a coaching model, what do you use to help your leaders grow and fine tune their leadership and ministry to their group?