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Part 8 in the series.

We’ve talked about this before through this blog, but it’s always OK to revisit a topic. In fact, we revisit topics all the time here.

We’ve discussed why we do church-wide campaigns, but let’s revisit the top 5 reasons.

1)    The entire church is studying the same material. From the youngest children’s class to the oldest adult small group. Everyone is studying the same material for those same 6 weeks.

2)    The weekend services also are related to the material being studied in the homes.

3)    With so many studying the same thing, conversations around the dinner table, in the workplace, in the schools, etc. will also be discussing the material they have been studying. The ideas are reinforced by natural conversations.

4)    The topics for church-wide campaigns are carefully designed to appeal to the crowd. This allows people to invite their unchurched or not-churched friends, co-workers, family, and neighbors who may never go to a church service otherwise.

5)    New Small Groups are often started during these campaigns. Workplace groups, new home groups, school groups and more can easily be offered for the 6 weeks of the campaign. No long term commitment required!

There you have it: the top 5 reasons for rallying the entire church around a church-wide campaign.

What are some other great reasons to do a church-wide campaign? I’d love to hear from you.