May 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

This past Monday, we in the U.S. celebrated Memorial Day. A day set aside to remember those who paid the ultimate price in any of the many conflicts the U.S. has seen down through the years.

In many communities flags will be placed at the gravesites of those brave women and men who gave of their own lives while serving. It’s also a time for veterans to think about their fallen friends and loved ones. Maybe those who served next to them in conflict and for families to tell the stories of their fallen loved ones once again.

Most of the year we are so busy running from appointment to appointment. It’s good for us to take time, to stop and remember the price that has been paid for our freedom.

I find it a great time to also reflect on the price that was paid to purchase my salvation.

The caption that accompanies the image of today reads: “You bet I’m goin’ to be a soldier, too, like my Uncle David, when I grow up.”

Whether or not you had a meal with family and/or friends, we hope you celebrated the day in a special way.

And remembered.DecorationDayMcCutcheon

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