Remember . . .

April 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

RememberI will never forget the scene in the Star Trek movie when Spock decides to sacrifice himself “for the good of the many.” He leans over to Bones on his way into the deadly chamber filling with toxic levels of radiation, does the Vulcan mind-meld and simply says to him, “Remember.”

In the next movie in the series, Bones can’t figure out why he’s having these “Vulcan thoughts” that are actually killing him, until he travels back to Vulcan and Spock’s mind is reconnected with his body.

I know, it’s Sci-Fi, you’re saying to yourself right about now. Get past all of that and pick up on those words of Spock to Bones – “Remember.”

Remember what you loved as a kid. Remember what it was like to sing aloud unabashedly when you were alone. Remember the feel of the cool grass between your toes as you walked barefoot across your lawn. Remember how you used to lay on your back, look up at the clouds and see all manner of things. Remember your first kiss.

Every once in a while, we need to take the time to sit back, reflect and remember.

Now I’m NOT saying we need to stay in the past. I’m just suggesting that we need to remember so we can move forward. How do we build on those memories a better future for those around us?

How can we remember and use that to our advantage to create something new?

What memories can you build on to create new memories with those you love? How can you take the habits of the past and reformulate them to be better for your family and friends?


Share a great memory with someone today. You might even share it here.

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